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Even though people associate Southern California with driving, we do more than our fair share of walking. As a result, trip and fall accident attorney Los Angeles firms are kept quite busy.When you enter a retail establishment, office building, or government building, you don’t expect the lobby to be a minefield of potential hazards. When that does occur, a trip and fall can cause severe injury, even death, especially if you experience a head injury.

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Results Results Results! At Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation, we are your Los Angeles Trip and Fall attorneys and we understand the responsibility building owners, and homeowners, have to maintain the walkways in and around their buildings. If you slip and fall due to anothers negligence, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering. We help you to receive the settlement you deserve.

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Yes, trip and fall cases are compensable just like slip and fall cases, however, they require a dangerous condition and notice (either actual or constructive notice) to the premises owner or manager. Where there is a dangerous condition, the owner or management of the premises has a duty to warn of that dangerous condition and has a duty to make the premises safe for people entering upon it. Sometimes this is done by putting up warning signs or cones. Investigation is the key to prevailing in a trip and fall case. When we are able to prove that somebody else sustained an injury as a result of that same condition (whether it be a slippery substance in a slip and fall or other dangerous condition in a trip and fall case, that satisfies the notice requirement. Whenever one of our clients is injured upon somebody else’s premises, We know what to do to satisfy the elements necessary to prove the case. The value of the case of course then depends upon the injuries sustained, the medical bills, the disabilities if any and the outlook for the future.