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Los Angeles car accident injuries can cause substantial physical damage. Vehicle collisions with pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles or trucks cause billions of dollars in damage each year and thousands of deaths. If you have been involved in a car accident and sustained injuries, consulting a Los Angeles car accident injuries attorney is the first step in recovering the damages owed to you. So contact the best injury attorney Los Angeles has to offer, C and m Law Corporation.

What Are the Common Injuries in a Car Accident?

Common car accident injuries include a range of ailments and depend on the situation. The speed at which each vehicle was traveling, the types of vehicles involved and the size of your vehicle each play a significant role in the injuries sustained. Despite this, the following injuries occur frequently: Injuries to the head Injuries to the neck Lower limb injuries Back injuries Injuries to the internal organs When a vehicle travels at even a low rate of speed and a collision occurs, injuries to the brain happen often. Traumatic brain injuries, such as skull fractures, often result in catastrophic damage that has a long-lasting effect on a person’s ability to function in a relatively normal fashion. Whiplash is another common injury stemming from impact trauma. Whiplash is a soft-tissue injury that can cause pain and require the rehabilitative assistance of a physical therapist or chiropractor. The symptoms of car accident injuries vary significantly, depending on the force of the impact and the nature of the wound. If you were in a car accident, make sure you pay close attention to how you feel and contact your doctor immediately if you need medical assistance. In most cases, it does not hurt to request medical attention at the scene, if necessary.

What Should I Do First?

Car accidents can be a frightening experience. Contact the police, especially if you are injured or there is significant damage to your vehicle. You should request a police report and the names and identifying numbers of each officer. Exchanging your information with the other parties involved is an important step. You should request, and provide, names, addresses, license plate and drivers’ license numbers. If there were witnesses present, you should try and locate them to document their version of the events. In addition, medical and photographic documentation are critical to your situation. If there is damage to your vehicle or you suffered physical injury, you should take pictures for a documentation file. Furthermore, each trip you take to a doctor, prescriptions provided and medical reports should be meticulously kept in a safe place.

How Can Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation Help Me With My Car Accident Case?

A knowledgeable attorney can provide several resources and advice about your situation. The complex nature of personal injury cases requires a skilled lawyer. Experienced attorneys know what to look for immediately and know how to apply the law. An attorney can help you collect evidence and document your case. In addition, your attorney can arrange for the appropriate medical referrals, file a reasonable claim and argue your case in a California court of law, if necessary.
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